You Will Need ...
  1. 16 oz Voss water bottle

  2. glitter

  3. foil confetti

  4. sequins

  5. food coloring

  6. perals, jewels, snowflakes, etc.

  7. x-acto knife

  8. water

  9. clear glue

  10. stir stick

  11. 4 oz. plastic cup

  12. 8 oz. plastic cup

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Step 1: 

We will be using a recycled water bottle as our funnel.  Carefully cut the top off of the bottle about three inches below the neck.

Step 2: 

Pour four ounces of clear glue into your small 4 oz cup.

Step 3: 

Pour the glue into your 8 oz. cup

Step 4: 

Add a drop of food coloring.  Be careful not to add too much.  You want the water to be lightly colored.

Step 5: 

Next, we want to add some glitter to the glue.

Step 6: 

Pour some glitter into the glue and stir it in using your stir stick

Step 7: 

Make sure your glitter is well incorporated.

Step 8: 

Peel the label off of your Voss bottle.  A hint, it is much easier to peel the label off cleanly if you start at the bottom of the bottle and pull up.

Step 9: 

Open up the bottle and pour about four ounces of water into the glue and glitter mixture.

Step 10: 

Add the funnel to your bottle and then pout the water, glue abd glitter mixture into your bottle.  Note, you may need to drink a few ounces of water from the bottle before you do this.

Step 11: 

Now you can add whatever other jewels, snowflakes, or pearls you may have.

Step 12: 

When you are all done, seal the bottle and add a strip of mylar tape around the outside to secure.

Craft Length: 
15 - 30 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time: 
5 - 10 minutes
Cans, bottles & containers
1 adult per 5 children