You Will Need ...
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Step 1: 

Begin by cutting approximately 30 inches of 1mm leather cord.

Step 2: 

Choose your beachglass charm and add it to the cord.  This is beachglass I have purchased from Amazon which comes with a predrilled hole.

Step 3: 

If you prefer you can add a metal charm to the beachglass.

Step 4: 

I prefer to begin my beading by adding one bead over both cords.  You can also tie a knot to hold your beachglass in place.

Step 5: 

Continue beading as you prefer.  I like to have the sides of my necklace match, but you can bead in whatever manner you like using whatever beads you have.

Step 6: 

I finish with a glass seed bead for color and then tie the cord using a slip knot.  Snip the ends of the cord to finish.