You Will Need ...
  1. neodymium magnets

  2. e6000 glue

  3. beach pebbles

  4. UniPosca Pens

  5. Yarn

  6. Googley eyes

  7. Embellishments

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Step 1: 

Use your e6000 glue to glue a magnet to the flat side of your beach pebble.

Step 2: 

Next we will make some yarn hair.  Wrap the yarn around your hand or cell phone 12-13 times.

Step 3: 

Cut a small piece of yarn and run it through the loop you just created.  Tie it tightly.  Cut the yarn loop on the opposite side of your tie.

Step 4: 

Use hot glue to add the yarn hair to your beach pebble.

Step 5: 

Next you can embellish with whatever you have.  Here I am adding googley eyes and a bow in her hair.

Step 6: 

You can also use your UniPosca pens to create the face.