You Will Need ...
  1. small terracotta pot painted white

  2. glitter paper

  3. white felt

  4. lilac felt

  5. scissors

  6. yarn

  7. small flower or plant

  8. uni posca pens

  9. Hot glue gun

  10. ball point pen

  11. template, found under the Stats tab above

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Step 1: 

Download the template from the Stats tab above.  Print it and cut out the pieces.  Fold your piece of felt in half.  Lay the template at the fold. Trace and cut it out, giving you two matching ears.

Step 2: 

Do the same with the lilac felt for the inner ear pieces.

Step 3: 

Cut out the horn template.  Fold your glitter paper in half as you did the felt.  Trace the horn onto your glitter paper and cut it out.

Step 4: 

Since your glitter paper is one-sided you will need to glue two pieces together so your horn is glittery from both the front and back.

Step 5: 

Glue the lilac inner ear pieces onto the larger white pieces.

Step 6: 

Pinch the completed ears together and place a dot of glue at the bottom to give the ears their shape.

Step 7: 

Use your Uni Posca pens to give your unicorn a face.  Begin by drawing his nostrils on the front of the pot.

Step 8: 

Add two eyes and eyelashes.

Step 9: 

Glue the ears onto the inside of the pot.

Step 10: 

Glue your horn in the middle between the two ears.

Step 11: 

I like to give my unicorm a tail made of yarn.  I do so by wrapping yarn around my hand approximately 25 times.

Step 12: 

Take a 6-9" piece of yarn and run it though the loop you just created.  Tie it tightly.  Then cut the yarn at the opposite end.

Step 13: 

Trim the ends of the yarn.

Step 14: 

Glue your tail on the back of the pot.