Materials List

5 layers of cellophane of the same or different colors


Pipe cleaner

Clip to keep the slippery cellophane in place

How to
Step 1

Lay each piece of cellophane directly on top of each other. Begin a series of folds similar to that of a fan. To do so, take about an inch from the short side of the cellophane and fold it upward. Clip the middle of the fold with any kind of storage clip to hold it in place, and then run your fingers firmly along the crease.

Step 2

With the clip still in place on the fold, flip the entire stack of cellophane over. Carefully remove the clip, use your other hand to hold the fold in place. Now, take the folded part of the cellophane, and fold it up again. (Remember, keep thinking "fold like a fan.") Immediately place the clip back over the folds and firmly run your fingers along the crease to really set the fold in place.

Step 3

Repeat these steps of flipping over the cellophane, removing the clip, then re-folding the bottom, reattaching the clip, and firmly pressing the crease, until the entire set of cellophane is folded up!

Step 4

Now that the cellophane is folded like a fan, let's get started on creating the "flower petal" shape. Keep the clip on the folds and place your scissors about an inch from the top end of the fan; you are going to cut out a semi-circle. Essentially, you are rounding the edge to create the flower petal shape. Make the same semi-circle cut on the other edge, but do not remove the clip.

Step 5

Stem time! Fold your pipe cleaner in half and place the folded cellophane inside the bend of the pipe cleaner with the clip still attached. (You might need to move the clip out of the way a bit to make room for the pipe cleaner to be in the center). It should look like you've made a dragonfly! Keeping everything in place, twist the pipe cleaners tightly a few times, securing the sheets of cellophane.

Step 6

At this point you can remove the clip and let the folds spread out like butterfly wings.

Step 7

Now to fluff up your flower... Pull up the first layer of cellophane, similar to how you might peel an onion. Once the entire first layer is standing upright at the center, begin the same process with the second layer. Continue with each layer. Every layer you fluff up makes your flower more and more beautiful!

Step 8

Now complete, you have an excellent gift or party decoration!

Craft Length
5 minutes or less
Easy peasy (fun and simple)
Prep Time
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 10 children