You Will Need ...
  1. Domed cold drink top (like from a Frappucino or Icee)

  2. Used CD

  3. Hot glue gun (requires adult supervision)

  4. Glue dots

  5. Two pom-poms (one large, one small, and in a green color if possible)

  6. Two black beans

  7. Scissors

  8. Pipe cleaner

  9. Bottle cap (optional)

  10. Other decorative items (puff balls, ribbon, rocks, natural items, stickers, etc.)

  11. Three pen caps (optional)

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Step 1: 

First, we'll create the UFO's alien occupant. Take your pipe cleaner and cut it in two. Have an adult apply a dot of hot glue to the larger pom-pom and place the center of your pipe cleaner across it, gluing it in place. Place your smaller pom-pom over the top of that to secure it and to make the head of your alien. It's a good idea to let the glue cool for a few seconds first, since it might seep through the pom-pom and get on your fingers!

Step 2: 

Next up is the eyes! Black beans work great because of they're perfectly shaped like a traditional alien eye! Apply two small dots of hot glue to your top pom-pom, wait a few seconds for the glue to cool, and then carefully stick your black beans to the glue.

Step 3: 

Now to secure the alien into his ship! Apply a ring of glue around the center hole of the CD. (Hold the CD by the outside rim to keep your fingers from coming in contact with the glue in the center.) Place your alien on the glue and allow the glue to set.

Step 4: 

A bottle cap makes a perfect steering wheel! You can apply some glue to the CD, and sit the cap upright into it. Bend the alien's pipe cleaner arms to hold the wheel (or strike a pose!); you can glue your alien's hand to the steering wheel for extra stability if you wish.

Step 5: 

Because the plastic domed drink lid is so thin, hot glue can melt it! That's why it's best to use glue dots instead on the dome. Place a sticky glue dot on the rim of your lid, and stick it to the CD. While one dot holds the lid in place, you can continue decorating the inside of the ship, while making sure everything will fit. Once you're happy with your alien's environment, add more glue dots to the rim of the lid and stick it firmly to the CD.

Step 6: 

Your UFO isn't complete without some shine and sparkle! Using your glue dots (or your hot glue, if you have an adult), decorate the outside of your ship with beads, stickers, ribbon, jewels -- anything that looks out of this world!

Step 7: 

If you wish to make landing gear, you can flip your UFO over and apply three pen caps (all of the same height) to the bottom of the CD. Once they're dry, you can flip your UFO back over, and it will appear to hover off the ground!

Step 8: 

Take the time to add a few finishing touches...

Step 9: 

... and your alien is ready to say, "Take me to your leader!"

Craft Length: 
5 - 15 minutes
Attention, please! (a few rules to follow)
Prep Time: 
5 minutes or less
1 adult per 2 children

There are as many creative possibilities for this craft as there are stars in the sky! You don't always have to use a domed plastic drink lid -- you can use a clear plastic bowl, cup, or other clear, rounded container, or not use one at all! You can also make different alien species by substituting other materials for pom-poms, like pinecones, stones, or small toys.

Variation Photos: