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Are you looking for a fundraiser that's definitely thinking (and oozing) outside the box?  Why not try a slime bar?  For a minimal investment, you can reap a pretty nice little profit and offer an activity that kids love.  This past weekend I helped host one of these slime bars for a local school's May Day fundraiser.

I LOVE treasure hunts.  Whether there are rhyming clues that lead you from one object to another, a map with hidden treasures along the way, or codes that one must crack to find the next destination, I am alllll in.  Case in point, my 30-year-old niece spent Easter with us, and of course, I made her hunt for her basket of See's chocolate.

22 Apr 2019

Recently we did an event at the Ram's Gate Winery in Sonoma County.  It's a beautiful facility. The perfect place for a gathering.  We were hired to offer up a little activity that would do a couple of things:

#1.  Allow people to make and take a small remembrance from their visit.

#2.  Offer up a way for folks to mingle in an organic, non-intimidating way.

It's no secret to anyone who knows me, but I am obsessed with all things tiny.  I love making dollhouses and miniature worlds whenever I can with my library classes.  If a client asks for a teeny tiny party I literally do the happy dance while planning their event.  So when I saw this post from Handmade Charlotte, I h

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I recently took the trip of a lifetime to Orlando, Florida, where I spent 3 days enjoying the sights and delights that Universal Studios has to offer.  Being that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan I spent most of my days skulking around Knockturn Alley and taking part in all that their magical wizarding world has to offer.  I have to admit, that with all the technological advances o