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A look back at some of our favorite holiday crafts, decor and treats.  I hope these inspire you to create your own handmade holiday memories.

When Jess over at Jen Reviews sent me her link to this adorable handmade snowman I was transported back to my Grammy's living room.  When I was a child my mom, grammy and 10 of their friends would host a weekly quilter's corner.  It was a chance for all the ladies to get together to chat, snack, and create quilts.  Each month they would focus on one member's quilt.  That member would choose the pattern, the fabrics, and overall design.  Each of the

One of the large event planners with whom we work reached out to us for a simple baby shower activity for one of their employees. Their request was for something that would "bring everyone together for at least a portion of the party".  They were adamant that they didn't want games.  What they were really striving for was something that the mother-to-be could take home and either use or cherish.

Sometimes I get nostalgic for the days before I was a successful party planner.  In those days I had more time than money and would revel in the idea of creating something out of basically nothing.  I remember scrounging supplies to make peanut creches  when we first moved to California.  That was over 25 years ago, but I still remember sitting at our little kitchen table, glue gun in hand, fussing over little angel wings and fluffy sheep like it was yesterday.  I was in heaven.  Little did I know

I know...it's already mid-November and I'm just getting around to sharing this Halloween post.  What can I say that I literally have not said a dozen times in my posts this year...this year just seems to be passing faster than the speed of light.  I so wish there was a way to slow it down.  I feel like I'm racing from thing to thing trying to play catch up.  Like a dog chasing his tail.  Or in this case...a demi-dog.