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06 Apr 2011

You know the story of Aladdin and the genie? Aladdin rubs the lamp, out pops the genie, and boom -- Aladdin gets three wishes. I think about this story sometimes (don’t we all?), and I’ve seriously pondered what my three wishes would be.

I know that I’m always saying how much I love my job, but there are so many different aspects of what I do, and all are such joys, that you’ll just have to excuse me for sounding like a broken record!

The vancan hold no more|sophie-world.com

Have you ever seen one of those clown cars? You know, the one that drives into the circus ring, screeches to a halt, and starts ejecting an unbelievable number of clowns in various shapes and sizes -- usually ending with either a really, really tall clown or an amazingly fat one (who usually gets stuck in the door and has to be pulled out by the entire posse). Or maybe you’ve seen that magic act where the magician reaches into his hat and pulls out a rabbit, then some flowers, then a hockey stick, then a vacuum cleaner...

25 Mar 2011

The amazing thing about being in the party business for sixteen years is the number of kids I get to see from year to year. I get to watch them grow up, and that’s really quite a treat for someone without children of their own. This weekend I was doing a bar mitzvah, and two young ladies came through the door and stopped dead in their tracks...

“Hey, aren’t you the party lady?” said one girl. “You did my dalmatian party when I was like six!”

“Oooh, didn’t you use to sing the watermelon song?” chimed in her friend.