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04 May 2011
Sophie with a thank you card|sophie-world.com

When I received an email about a month ago from one of my old clients, saying that she was on the decorating committee for her prom and needed a little help, I jumped at the chance. For one, it’s always fun when one of my “little clients” reaches teenhood and I get to reconnect with them, and two, it gives me a chance to relive a tiny portion of my own high school years -- but at a safe enough distance that I don’t also have to relive the angst!

Sophie and Sippy Cup|sophie-world.com

Okay... So what’s up with this latest trend of bartenders serving drinks to minors? Now, I don’t mean kids with fake IDs; I’m talking about the recent incidents where little kids were served alcohol by waiters. Now, it’s not like we had just one bartender bent on getting kids hooked at an early age.

27 Apr 2011
Poster from Nano|sophie-world.com

Every spring it begins: the letters, the phone calls, the emails... It’s donation season! If you work in my industry, you are going to get hit up by every school auction in town, and let me tell you, that’s a lot of schools! I have to tell you honestly, I know that these are often the single biggest source of revenue for the schools, but they are really a challenge. Fundraising in general is a tough nut.

a vintage Paas box | sophie-world.com

Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. Not because of the fancy dresses or hats (gah, I hated those! One year I was even forced to wear gloves!), not because of the family gathering together for ham and potato brunch after services, not for the cute bunnies and chickies (although my mother will tell you all about the year she got live dyed Easter chicks in her basket), not even for the week we got off from school. No, Easter was always special because of one thing, and one thing only: the Easter egg hunt!