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18 May 2011

You know, I am constantly amazed by how creative and inventive people are! There is such talent in our universe, and it just blows me away. I love the fact that because of this wonderful tool called the “Internet,” people can share what they’ve made with the world with the click of a button. It’s pretty inspiring.

Of late, I’ve become particularly aware of an interesting phenomenon - it appears, at least to me, that ideas sort of happen in waves.

Once again, I'm back to share with you my favorite links from the past week! The internet is so rich with ideas for everything kid-related, from crafts to party etiquette to learning, and I’m constantly inspired by other bloggers and their articles such as these!

Sophie as Iron Chef|sophie-world.com

Okay all you young culinary wannabes! Time to grab your aprons and your spatulas: the battle of the twelve-year-old chefs has begun!

After starting out on this new blogging adventure, I’ve discovered a ton of really great blogs and sites that are filling me with inspiration! I wanted to share their work with you, but sometimes I just find so much that I can’t write a long entry on each one! And so, each Tuesday I’ll share with you my favorite links for the week. It’s my way of saying “thanks” to these other incredible bloggers, and acknowledging their fabulous work!