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Myoverstuffed shelves|sophie-world.com

Recently, I posted an entry on how I think I need a bigger van. Well, now I think I need to expand that idea, if you’ll pardon the pun. I think I need a bigger warehouse!

One of the Hamlin Lions|sophie-world.com

Continued from last Friday...

So, loyal readers, when we last left our bedraggled heroines, they were pulled over on a very narrow shoulder beside the road, desperately trying to secure a giant piece of foam core without having Freda’s car door taken off by fast-moving San Bruno Mountain traffic.


A balloon banner from Design Mom

Even though I personally have a spotty history with balloons, Design Mom has an adorable balloon banner tutorial that looks easy to do -- and very cute!

Star arch|sophie-world.com

Every once in a while I have one of those crazy days where I need my sister Freda to join me on site for events. Usually I don’t like to do this, because she already has a full schedule working in our office and warehouse, but every now and then things get a little hectic, and she’s the one I know I can turn to.