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One of my favorite pre-COVID parties was my Iron Chef party.  You would be amazed by the level of cooking skills 11, 12 and even 10-year-old kids possess. I credit YouTube and the Food Network.  Some of these kids had better knife skills than me, and I chop chicken breast into tiny bite-size pieces for a finicky dog every day. 

As an event planner, I am regularly asked questions regarding party etiquette and protocol.  When should I send the invitations? Do I have to invite the entire class?  Where do I sit Aunt Bertha? And what about thank you notes? 

When I was a kid I was an insufferably picky eater.  I was one of those kids who would sit at the table gagging over any offering that did not include white bread, peanut butter, or pasta.  I confess I am single-handedly responsible for my mother’s ongoing hatred of having to design meal plans.  I really should be paying for her th

There’s nothing like the feeling of giving someone the perfect gift.

I have always had an amazing life.  I mean...who gets to make parties for a living?   However, there is one thing in my life that has been missing.  A dog.  That's right, for all of my adult life I have wanted a dog, and at the ripe old age of 56, I have finally achieved my dream!