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You Made It! I Love It!: Wheatgrass in a Jar

Sophie loves growing things in bowls and jars!

Every Summer I have the pleasure of running a week-long day camp for one of my long time clients.  She provides the location, I provide the fun.  Which is why I find myself, every July, scouring the Internet for new science, art, and play activities.  

Recently I discovered this amazing experiment of growing celery from the end of the stalk!  It’s the coolest thing in the world. I will definitely be featuring it in a blog, once I’ve had the chance to document it during summer camp.  All you do is cut the end of a bunch of celery and place it, cut side up, in a shallow bowl of water.  What happens next is amazing!  Within 24 hours new shoots start growing from the middle of the celery stalk! It’s awe-inspiring to watch, because it happens so quickly.  

For a one week camp I need projects that garner quick results so they can be shared as a group.  So, I went on the hunt to find more “fast growing” activities. Luckily, I  found Fabulosity.  Jessica Burgess, the founder of the site, has the coolest toddler wheatgrass experiment!   Jessica has great step-by-step photos, and an easy, whimsical manner in describing the steps (including the step where she admits to not reading the instructions and spending 20 minutes convincing her son that the seeds were not nuts to eat).   

I am dying to try this experiment!  I am going to order all the supplies this week so I can do a test run before camp, just to make sure that the results are as astounding as they sound.   I’m foreseeing a summer camp grow fest.  

If you haven’t planted something lately I urge you to try it!  Watching something put down roots and grow is fascinating - not just for kids, but for adults as well.  I think it brings out the latent farmer in all of us!