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06 Jul 2015
You Made It! I Love It: Twizzler Flower Topper
Twizzler flowers from erinbakes.com|sophie-world.com

I’ve always considered myself a “survivalist cook”.  Meaning I only cook when my survival depends on it. I make a mean scrambled egg and am great at “one pot” cooking. But please don’t tax me with anything more than that. Unless it involves throwing something into a microwave oven.

That being said, I am a great admirer of those that can cook.  Especially when they come up with simple, clever ways to do so.  This is why, even I might consider donning an apron and stepping into the kitchen to make one of Erin Gardner’s Twizzler Garden Cakes.  However, I think I’ll pop down to the grocery store and buy my cake rather than risk turning on the oven.

Erin writes about her fabulous creation on the blog Handmade Charlotte.  You should also feel free to check out her other fun treats on her own site Erin Bakes. She has some very cute edibles that I might need to feature in the future - including cake topper rings!.

Erin focuses on cake decorating rather than the cake making in her tutorial.  Probably why yours truly is so drawn to it.   Her step-by-step includes how you make the basic pieces and then offers ideas on actual flower designs you can create.  The steps are photographed so nicely that it becomes very clear, very quickly.  This is one of those projects that even a kitchen-phobe like me can take on.  I also see it having great promise for parties.  I think guests would love decorating cupcakes this way.

I’m definitely going to use this idea in the future.  I hope it will inspire you as well.  Summer is the perfect time to let this “sweet” garden grow!