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05 Aug 2013
You Made It! I Love It - Travel Chalk and Magnet Board
A magnetic board for travel from sunny with a chance of sprinkles via sophie's world

Road trips can be brutal on kids.  I remember trips to my grandmother's house when I was young, sitting in the back of my parents VW Bug repeating the words - "are we there yet" - so often that my father threatened to turn around and drive directly back home!  This was in the days before portable DVD players and iPads, but even those get dull after a while, and batteries do run low.  That's why I love this DIY chalk and magnet board, a creative take on the backseat laptop.  Not only can your kids play games like tic-tac-toe, but they can draw and work on their letter skills.  The only thing I might add is an altoid tin with a magnet on the back to serve as a portable chalk holder.

Visit Chelsea on Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles to learn how to make this wonderfully simple and creative entertainment system. 

Over the river and through the woods we go!