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You Made It! I Love It!: Soda Bottle Rockets

Sophie lives these DIY bottle rockets.

Every summer at my Kidz Kamp, I do a day I call, “backyard ballistics”.   Now before you go calling the fire department, understand that we use the term loosely, and safely.  Nothing more than rubber bands, air or water pressure, and springs are used. The results, however are usually pretty spectacular.

When I started my annual search (I bookmark interesting activities for next year as soon as I finish the previous one), I made a point of highlighting Avery and Krystal’s site, Craft Yourself

Avery has shared a fun, explosive way, to get your summer started with a bang!

I’ve yet to try this. I will most definitely be testing it out before I present it to my Kampers in August.  I’m fearful that there may be a few things (like making the bottle and the hose connector air tight) to troubleshoot before sharing it with a bunch of pre-teen boys.  I’ve done water/pressure powered rockets in the past, and sealing has always been an issue. I’ll keep you posted with an update once I’ve tried it out.

In any event, I thought this would be a fun project to share.  What better way to lure the kids outdoors (and get some serious exercise tracking down the rockets) than to make objects, and imaginations, fly.