Halloween is my favorite holiday!  Not because of the candy, but because of all the creative decorations and costumes.  I'm always blown away by the fabulous things people create to "spookify" their homes.  And nothing makes me happier than when those creepy critters are made with recycled materials.  That's why I'm tickled orange (gotta get into the Fall color scheme!) by the tube creatures that spring to life on Ashley's Wanna Be Green website.  I've always considered TP tubes to be the unsung heroes of the crafting world, so to see them given this sort of monstrous treatment makes me scream with delight!

Toilet paper roll monster craft|sophie-world.com

These recycled TP tubes look mighty scary!

Likewise, Amanda Formaro's juice box monsters.  Juice boxes are a staple nowadays.  Finding an innovative way of reusing them gets my star of approval!  Crafts by Amanda gives you a simple step-by-step guide to making these "felted" fiends. This craft is definitely a one where kids can excercise their creativity and exorcise their demons!

Juice Box monster craft|sophie-world.com

Adorably  Juicebox Monsters