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17 Apr 2017
You Made It! I Love It!: A Sand Art Fix-It Trick

We love sand art at Sophie's World!  It's one of those crafts that pretty much any kid of any age can do by themselves. With the variety of bottles and shaped holders in the market now, there is definitely bound to be something to suit even the pickiest of tweens or teens. When we've get a call for a big crafting table with say 1000 crafters, sand is often a go-to offering.  The only drawback? How to keep the sand from mixing once the creation is done?  It's one thing to instruct the kids to tap the bottles as they go along (which tamps down the sand and allows you to fill to the maximum level before capping), but actually making sure that 100 kids at a time are following these instructions can be daunting.  It also doesn't take into account those curious kids who decide to open their creations in the backseat of mom's car!

That's why I was so happy to see this post from Kristen Mason over at Busy Kids Happy Mom.  Kristen offers up a quick and simple solution....GLUE!  I really must admit to having one of those "duh" moments when I read her post. It seems so obvious once you read it.  I've been doing sand art for over 10 years, and not once did it occur to me to use glue!

Kristen is a teacher and mom, which I find is the best combination when it comes to offering up awesome blog posts on kids crafts and activities.  She also offers parenting workshops on such topics as "Parenting the Connected Generation (internet safety)", "Motivating your Child through the Summer", and "the Five Love Languages of Children".  

Kristen's site is chock full of tried and true Mom tips. Make sure you take a few minutes to check out her other posts.  And next time you're doing sand art, try out her tip. Not only will it preserve the art and save your house from accidental spills, it will turn your kid into an instant magician who can make sand stay in a bottle, even when it's turned upside down.  Might make a great trick for next April fools.....