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22 May 2017
You Made It! I Love It!: Rainbow Popsicles

In my world we are CA-RAY-ZEE busy - which can only mean one thing...Summer is approaching.  And if you are thinking Summer, I can think of only one thing that can make it sweeter...Popsicles!

When I was a kid growing up on the East Coast, homemade popsicles were our go-to snack.  My mom had this yellow hard plastic mold with reusable stick/cappers.  Now mind you, these were the days of koolaid pops. Basically frozen sugar on a stick, no nutritional value or redeeming qualities.   They melted fast, and they were often crystallized from their exposure to air in the freezer. They dyed your tongue a bright color and made your hands sticky. They were the best thing in the whole world.  

I remember sitting on the porch swing with my cousin, sucking on a popsie (as we called them), without a care in the world (except for maybe attracting a few curious bees). 

Nowadays, popsicles are art forms.  Just take a look at these amazing rainbow popsicles from The First Year!   I love the idea of turning healthy, homemade fruit smoothies into popsicles.  It might be fun to do a “progressive” popsicle - meaning do a week of smoothies, having a bit for breakfast and a bit for the popsicles.  By the end of the week you’d have a had a 7 healthy wakeups, and an amazingly beautiful dessert to share with your friends.

Beth, the creator of the blog, gives us everything we need - including a vast array of popsicle tray options.  She not only gives us the recipes for each layer but also explains the technique of layering, freezing, releasing and saving the popsicles.  She takes us through every step - from the blending of the drinks, to the savoring of the pops.

Her photos are beautiful and mouthwatering!  

If you’ve got lots of kids around (I’m thinking this might be fun to do at my summer camp) have each kid mix up their own colorful concoction to share with the popsicle factory - by nightfall you’ll be opening your own “popsie” stand.

I hope you’ll “pop” on over to The First Year and check out this and all of Beth’s tasty creations.  What a way to usher in Summer than with a tasty rainbow full of delights.