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17 Jul 2017
You Made It! I Love It!: PVC Sand and Water Table
PVC Sand and Water Table | sophie's world

In the kids party biz PVC pipe is an invaluable building supply.  We use it for everything from Harry Potter Quidditch hoops to designing our own water parks.  I've always thought of PVC pipes as oversized tinker toys - you can basically build anything with them.  In fact, I often challenge my summer camp kids with a PVC project of some sort; make a contraption that will transport water 25 feet, build a windmill or turbine, create something that will shoot a marshmallow, that sort of thing. Sometimes we even throw pool noodles into the mix for some added extra flexibility.  In my world PVC rules!

So it should come as no surprise that when I found this Frugal Fun 4 boys post on how to make your own PVC water/sand table, I had to share right away.

I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah’s for a few years now.  I’ve highlighted posts from her site Frugal Fun 4 Boys many times before.  Sarah is responsible for making me view pool noodles in a completely different light by making her awesome finger flinger.  I ended up using those for a summer craft program in the library last year and they were an enormous hit. Her site is filled with lots of LEGO and STEM ideas, and I highly recommend bookmarking it as one of your go to faves.

I think one of my favorite things about Sarah, besides her boundless creativity, is her ability to share her ideas in a straight forward, easy to follow way.  She tells you exactly what materials you need, how to use those materials efficiently, and offers tons of tips and hints to make the project literally fly together.  I also love the pictures of her boys using their creations; they always look like they are not only enjoying the activity but hanging out with each other.  It’s pretty darn cute.

The water/sand table that Sarah and her boys have designed is really ingenious.  It’s lightweight, sturdy, and practical.  I’m especially fond of the overhead dump pipes that allow for an additional level of exploration with both wet and dry materials.  I can imagine their table get used a great deal!

As the mom of 4 boys and a girl, I’m amazed that Sarah has the energy to share such wonderful posts.  I know I for one, am greatly appreciative of all her talents, ideas, and generosity.