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28 May 2017
You Made It! I Love It!: Patriotic Collage Flag

Do you know the difference between Memorial and Veteran’s Day?  If you had to pause before answering, you’re not alone.  Both holidays are meant to honor those that have served in the United States Armed Forces. The difference is that Memorial Day honors those who have given their lives in the service of our Country.  Veteran’s Day honors those that are still alive.  So, although the sentiment may be there, you don’t really want to wish a veteran a “Happy Memorial Day”.  

Memorial Day actually predates Veterans Day.  The first accounts of Memorial Day date back to 1868 when it was called Decoration Day, a day set aside to remember the soldiers who died during the Civil War.  However, by the end of WW II the day had unofficially expanded to cover all wars.  In 1967 the name and holiday was officially changed to Memorial Day.

As today is Memorial Day, I thought it only fitting that I share this amazing patriotic flag from Rainbows within Reach.   Although there is no tutorial, I thought it was important to share this amazing idea. Personally I think a piece of art like this honors all those who have given their lives to fight for the freedoms and rights of our citizens; especially our children.

I love how the stripes are made from lines of children wearing white or red shirts.  It embodies the essence of everything that is important to our nation; the nurturing, guiding, raising, and inspiring of our youth.  The flag collage is a reminder that nothing could ever be as important as helping to open the eyes of a child to the beauty, passion, and enlightenment that our world has to offer.  Our future lies in the seeds we plant within our children.  If we can just teach them to be patient with themselves and one another, to embrace differences, to really listen and teach them to forgive but not forget, then maybe we can preserve our Nation for all those who so valiantly gave their lives.  

Wouldn’t that be a true way to honor our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day?  To remember them with gratitude and also with the gift of hope for a real future.