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13 Mar 2017
You Made It! I Love It: No Sew Pencil Roll

My mom is an amazing seamstress.  She used to sew all my clothes, as well as my dolls' clothes when I was a kid.  Sadly, I never really inherited that talent.  I can sew out of necessity (think buttons, mending holes, and the occasional hobby horse head), but it’s not my forte.  I much prefer using duct tape.  

That’s why I was so excited to see this post from from Petro of the Seaman Mom turned Creative Homemaking.  I love that Petro’s pencil roll up is neat, tidy, adorable, and most important, super easy to make.  I have to admit, that my own duct tape pencil roll takes a good deal of time to create, and the learning curve on it may be a bit steep for non duct tapers.  Petro has created a pencil roll up that really only requires some fleece (or felt), ribbon, and a pair of scissors.  

The step by step tutorial is very easy to follow, and Petro includes a downloadable template for you that makes the fabrication super simple.  However, if you don’t happen to have a printer, you can get the general idea, and just use a ruler.

The only thing I might add to this amazing craft, is that having dealt with my own pencil roll project, sometimes the pens/pencils will slide out over time (given to stretching of fabric or tape).  To counteract this, I just suggest adding an extra 3 inches to your outer sides, then fold the top and bottom over your pencils before rolling - this will lock the pens and pencils in place and make sure than none of them go AWOL during your trip.

Petro has a great site. I hope you will make sure to take a peek at her personal story (it’s very uplifting) as well as her amazing content.  She’s definitely, on a roll!