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31 Mar 2014
You Made It! I Love it!: No Mess, No Dye Glitter Eggs
No Mess Glitter Eggs|sophie-world.com

Easter is one of those times I remember fondly from my childhood.  I think it was because my Grammy was a big Easter fan.  The week leading up to the big day was always full of activities for my cousin Greg and me.  One of my favorite activities was decorating the eggs.

Beverly, from Saucy Mommy, shares a no dye, less messy, version that would cause my glitteratti sister Freda to swoon.  She’s used glue dots and glitter to make a simple hard boiled egg into an “eggstravaganza” of sparkling color.  This project works for all ages.  Older crafters will be able to “eggsperiment” with patterns and overlapping, while little ones can have a blast placing dots randomly and dumping glitter onto the eggs.   

Make sure to cover your area with a drop cloth or paper.  You can also try placing a cookie sheet under the glitter bowls to catch any overflow.  Any type of glitter should work.  However, the finer the glitter, the more you can play with overlapping and design.  You should also be able to find the glue dots in a variety of sizes, and even long thin strips which would make amazing stripes.

This project might be “eggsactly” what you need to give your easter basket a little bling!