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26 Dec 2016
You Made It! I Love It!: A New Year's Resolution Book
resolution books | sophie-world.com

As New Year’s Eve approaches, I find myself turning the same resolutions over and over in my mind - lose weight, get in shape, take one day off a week, spring clean my home, spend more time with my family, meditate, learn to control my temper...the list goes on and on. It’s always pretty much the same list.  

When I saw this post on Artists Helping Children I knew I had to give it a try.  Luckily, I have all the supplies in my office and can even make some cute labels using that fabulous Maestro label program I mentioned awhile back!  I have always loved the concept of a “time capsule” or “letter to my future self”, even though I’ve never actually done one myself.  This book though seems pretty approachable. I love the idea of writing something down, tucking it away for a year, and then reading it a year later.  It would be a fun

Imagine storing them away year after year and then in your later years pulling them out to see how time has changed, or in my case, probably not changed, your goals and wishes.

Although there aren’t a lot of fancy pictures, the steps are very clearly written and understandable.  I know we’ve become a culture of images these past 10 years, however, the clear & concise way these instructions are written should make for an easy project.

The site itself is full of fun games, activities, and crafts that can certainly help fill the time your kids have off between Christmas and New Years.  It’s a great site!  In fact, I think your resolution this year should be to bookmark Artists Helping Children’s site!