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10 Apr 2017
You Made It! I Love It: Natural Dyed Easter Eggs

When I was a kid, dying easter eggs was a family tradition.  We'd all bustle over to my Grammy Yocom's house to hunker down in her kitchen and created our beautiful Easter creations.  The kitchen would be filled with that warm pungent vinegar smell that almost made me woozy.  Like settlers with a deer, we'd use every bit of our PAAS egg dying kit.  We'd punch out the circle from the back to make not only the egg drying rack, but also a series of toothpick tops.   We'd watch diligently as the tiny tablets dissolved in my Grammy's tea cups, often poking or stirring the itty bitty fizzers with the enclosed copper egg lifter.  We'd use every wrapper, sticker, crayon, and paper jacket. Nothing would go to waste.  

My Grammy was also known for purchasing whatever newfangled egg device that came out.  My favorite was the "decor-egg-er", a plastic machine that held your egg in place while you used a marker to draw up, down, and around.  It was a great aid in making straight lines all the way around your egg!  

I'll never forget the year that she decided we were going to try an all natural technique.  I remember her boiling onion skins and purple cabbage. She was so proud of those eggs. Maybe that's why I was so excited when Sherry Chen over at Personal Creations contacted me to share her post on 5 ways to dye eggs naturally.  I love all the posts on Personal Creations, they are just so well done and easy to understand.  The photos are fantastic and the instructions are super easy to follow.  It's just a great resource.

While you're delighting your eyes with the frozen blueberry-dyed eggs, make sure to check out their other Easter posts. They have 62 Easter crafts,  67 totally tempting Easter treats and 5 ways to make deviled eggs!  You could plan not one, but several Easter parties with this website.

So hop on over to Personal Creations and check out their amazing stuff. I promise it will be "egg"-zactly what you need to get you excited about Easter.