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08 Jul 2013
You Made It, I Love It! - Make a Marble Race Track
Make a marble race ttack with foam swim noodles via Sophie-World.com

Ready, Set, Go!

I love pool noodles!  What I love about them is that they offer so much more to the user than just a way to paddle around the pool.

That's why this week I'm sharing this ingenious marble racetrack made with pool noodles from Amy at the blog Serving Pink Lemonade.

Why is this activity super cool? Because it combines a kid favorite activity with inexpensive fun and it takes some serious creativity to look at a foam pool noodle and think "Gee, I think I'll cut this in half and see what I can make!"  As you may remember, I have used pool noodles for games, obstacle courses, paint brush holders, knee pads, you name it.

I love this this activity because it is educational and gobs of fun. Make it your own by adding more noodles, wood blocks, TP tubes, boxes and maybe some duct tape. See if you can change the track or add obstacles.

Best of all, right now is the perfect time to find pool noodles cheap!  I always take the time to run to my local dollar store and stock up on a case of them.  I know I'll use them in some sort of way.

So head over to Serving Pink Lemonade and the dollar store to start having some fun.

Last one there is a rotten egg!