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15 Jul 2013
You made it, I love it! - Ice Chalk
How to make ice chalk - A Sophie's World Pick

When I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania my family's house backed up onto a huge, smooth, macadam parking lot.  It made for the most enormous chalk canvas in the world, except during the summer when it was blistering hot!  If only I'd known about Ice chalk I could have continued my artistic endeavors well into August!  Lorie at Reading Confetti channeled her inner child and whipped up a batch of ice chalk for some messy, melty fun.

Perfect for your aspiring artist or budding scientist, this wildly creative craft lets kids and adults experiment with temperature, color and texture.

Try using different shaped ice cube trays and food colors to personalize your ice chalk!

Make sure to visit Reading Confetti where you’ll find a complete supply list and directions.

Have fun!