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03 Jul 2017
You Made It! I Love It!: Homemade Red, White and Blue Chalk

What's more fun than drawing pictures with chalk on your driveway, then washing them away with water balloons!  The answer?  Making your own red, white and blue chalk of course!

You might be quite surprised to learn how easy it is to make your own chalk.  All you need is food coloring, plaster of paris, water, and a mold.  It also helps to have some disposable cups and tongue depressors - that way you don't have to rush to clean up your plaster bowls before they dry. (word of wisdom to those that do - let them dry all the way, then just chip out the pieces of dried plaster).  

Silicon molds work best for this type of project - I saw some at ikea the other day, or you can always try that neverending resource Amazon.

Plaster can be found at your local hardware store - look where you'd find painting and wall patching supplies.  

Project Alicia has a great, straight forward, no nonsense tutorial on how to make your very own chalk stars for the 4th of July.  Alicia has lots of great photos, and great tips about working with plaster.  I've always been a huge fan of plaster of paris, using it for CSI parties (making molds of footprintst) and sand casting at beach parties.  It's a lot of fun.

If you worry about too much mess, try mixing your ingredients in a sturdy ziploc bag.  Once the consistency and color is set, just snip one of the corners and squeeze the plaster into the molds, like you would with cake icing.

A big thanks to Alicia and her kids for reminding us how much fun it is to make sidewalk art.  I would chalk it up to a great experience for everyone.