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29 Jul 2013
You Made It! I Love It! - Homemade Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
KidsFun101's homemade marshmallow roasting stick via sophie's world

I am a huge fan of the marshmallow!  I love playing games with them, making edible art with them, and of course roasting them.  There are still a few weeks of Summer left, which is plenty of time to find yourself a campfire and cook up a bunch of ooey-gooey-toasty goodness!  But before you do, you really need to take a look at Jodie Fitz's amazing marshmallow roasting stick!  Not only is it a great double pronged cookin tool - but it's also a fabulous craft using recycled materials.  Jodi provides you with an extremely clear step-by-step to follow.

I think I might just have to try this for the last day of summer camp this year!  Thanks Jodie for the inspiration!