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You Made It! I Love It! Heart Shaped Valentines

Sophie loves these simple animals made from simple cut out hearts, courtesy of personalcreations.com

Last week I received an e-mail from Sherry Chen over at Personalcreations.com, sharing some of their amazingly adorable ideas for Valentine’s Day.  As one who is always on the lookout for inspiration I was excited to receive her note. After checking out the site, I am absolutely thrilled to share it all with you all.  This post appeals to me on so many levels!  It’s got a puzzle element, it’s got puns, and it’s got something special, animation!!!

When you check out the link you’ll be treated to an engaging 5 second “tutorial”, in which different sized hearts slip into place forming cute animals.  My personal favorite is the chicken, with the top of a heart forming her round rump.  It reminds me of my Mom’s chicken Henny Penny. She had this perfectly plump bottom that was to die for!  

I’ve always loved things like tanagrams, where you make pictures using basic shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles and trapezoids. I always think it’s a fun exercise in stretching one’s architectural and spatial skills. It’s a great challenge for kids to see how they can re-invent or create an object from limited shapes, in this case, hearts.   The site provides downloadable sheets in both color, and blacn and white versions, so kids can practice their scissor skills as well. I could also see doing the craft with multi-sized heart stickers, or hearts cut on a cricut, my newest obsession.  And, once the site has inspired you, I’m sure you will see a variety of new animals taking shape.

I highly recommend you check out Personal Creations to get you in the V-day mood!  If nothing else, you’ll get a big smile from watching the animals come together, and reading the cute little sayings they’ve supplied for each one.  The best thing about a site like this, is it gives you everything you need to get your creative juices flowing and your imagination taking wing.  I “Heart-illy” suggest you check it out!