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You Made It! I Love It!: Craft Stick Sheep

Sophie loves these simple fluffy sheep.

I don’t know what it is about me and sheep.  Whenever I see them, be it in a field, in a book, or in a tv show (like Wallace and Gromit) I stop dead in my tracks.  Which is why whenever I see a cute sheep craft I feel compelled to share.

Amanda, over at Crafts By Amanda, has come up with a simple, sweet, and delightful craft that brings to mind the adorable children’s book “Where is the Green Sheep?”.  I could see using this craft for a library program linked to the book.  The children could create the sheep then use them to act out all the various funny things that the sheep do in the book’s delightfully illustrated pages.

I also love Amanda’s story. She’s one of the web pioneers who opened the internet's doors to crafters!  She started her site in 1997 and taught herself everything she needed to know!  Women like Amanda make me stand up and applaud loudly (Amanda - you are receiving a virtual ovation!).

The crafting steps are so easy that little hands can handle pretty much every one.  If you are worried about making a mess with paint you can always buy pre-colored tongue depressors.

This is the perfect craft to chase away those winter-time blues.  What better way to entice Spring’s arrival than totally engaged children and a flock of fluffy sheep!