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22 Jul 2013
You Made It! I Love It! - 3 Ring Binder Dollhouse
An adorable 3 ring binder dollhouse from Southern Disposition vis sophie's world

When I was a kid I used to take my parent's record album covers (the ones that opened like a book) and use them to create rooms for my dolls.  I used to play for hours, constructing and reconstructing labyrinth-like apartment complexes, complete with tissue box beds, and matchbox chests of drawers.  When I saw this adorable collapsible dollhouse from Kendra at Southern Disposition I was immediately transported back in time!  

The greatest thing about Kendra’s creation, is that it offers endless possibilities for creative play.  Just like in a real house, there are always redecorating, refurnishing, and repainting projects that can be done...not to mention the gardening!  You can find the complete how to on her site.  I love it!