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31 Jul 2017
You Made It! I Love It!: 16 Toys Made from a Cardboard Box

I am a huge fan of cardboard!  I use it for making everything from arcade and carnival games, to locker organizers, to dollhouses.  Cardboard is one of the best building tools you can give a kid. Give them a bunch of boxes, paper tubes, tape, and scissors, and you'll have a full day of creative play.

I think that's why I gravitated to this post from the kid's activities blog.  Holly Homer and her team The Quirky Mommas (love that name), have assembled 16 of the cutest cardboard crafts ever!  Each craft has a beautiful photo teaser, and a link to the site where they were created.

I know personally that I am heading over to Molly Moo (who I have featured before) to check out her adorable cardboard camera!  There's also a cardboard wheelbarrow that's to die for from Make Magazine, and a homemade Light Bright from Toddler Approved, another regular favorite of mine, that I'm definitely going to check out.

The Kid's Activity Blog is chock full of fun montages like this one - along with links to all kinds of videos.  I haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but the one entitled "Craft with Crap" certainly peaks my interest.

So if you are spending the summer on those renovation projects around the home, and find yourself buried in boxes, why not go check out The Kid's Activity Blog - I promise, you'll be inspired to think outside the box.