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19 Feb 2018
You are Invited to a Children's Art Show in Mexico

In past blogs I've mentioned my involvement in a Mission in Mexico that has an incredible children's outreach program.  In 3 short years Pastor Saul Garcia Orozco has done something nearly impossible: out of nothing but hard work, the love of his family and support from a small, dedicated group of neighbors he has created a thriving, caring, productive, and engaging church.  Every Saturday morning, the streets of our village echo with the sound of children running and laughing as they arrive at 9:00am (on the dot!) to see what activities lie in store for them.

Weekly, our Mission provides these children breakfast, followed by a lesson, and an art project.  And let me tell you something, these kids love their art.

Diana and Susan, two of our dedicated neighbors who volunteer regularly, came up with a great fundraising idea.  Since the church receives no funding other than direct donations every peso counts. The idea?  Have an art show featuring artwork created by the Mission kids.  

Each child, no matter their age, was given a canvas and the challenge of painting a piece that expressed the ideas of "Love, Peace and life in Punta Mita"  As you might imagine, there were a lot of hearts, but there were also a few underwater scenes, and a pretty darn good rendering of Mickey Mouse.

Sadly, I have to return to work before the art show, but Scott is going to follow up with their progress. I'll write another blog about how that goes.  The kids are so excited to see their artwork displayed, and we're hoping the town will be equally as pleased and supportive.

If you happen to be reading this anywhere neart Punta de Mita, Mexico, please stop by next Friday Feb 23 from 4-7 pm. 

If you would like to join me in supporting this amazing organization - you can do so through this link (click the box that says "donate to a specific fund" and choose Punta de Mita Mission)

or by sending a check to:

Children of the Americas (COTA)

10924 Oro Vista Avenue

Sunland, CA 91040

Please note the check with either SG002 or PdMMM

 It's a tiny action that I know makes an enormous difference in so many lives.