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07 Aug 2012
Who do you work with?
Ask Sophie|sophie-world.com


When I started this business back in 1995 I worked alone, which is sort of crazy when I look back now. I’m still sort of amazed at the amount of work I was able to produce while holding down another full-time job. But things change, and now (17 years later), it takes a team of employees to make my business work at its current level. Here’s just a few of the folks who work with me on a daily basis!

I have six full time employees that work with me at my office daily...


My office staff|sophie-world.com
(Clockwise) Catharine, Simone, Freda

Scott (who is also my husband) does all the accounting for both Sophie’s Stress Free Soirees and Sophie’s World.

Freda (my sister) does the artwork and packs supplies for all our parties, keeps the warehouse running, and takes all the photos for the web.

Simone handles all the web stuff and anything graphic that happens in Sophie’s World.

Catharine runs the office, and appears in a lot of the web photos of late.


my warehouse staff|sophie-world.com
Stephen (top), Walter and Sophie (bottom)

Walter maintains the warehouse, helps stuff goodie bags, as well as appears in some of the web videos and photos.

Stephen builds all the new props and games that I design, as well as anything else we need!

On top of that I have about 25 on-call folks who help me with my parties. I have some who have been working for me for upwards of seven years!

For the Sophie’s World video shoots, we have four to six professional film makers on board, including...


My video crew|sophie-world.com

(Clockwise) Eli, Scott, David, and Louis

Scott produces each webisode.
David directs each webisode.
Eli lights the location and runs one of the cameras.
Louis who runs the sound.
Freda who dresses the set, makes a good many of the examples, and does my makeup.

Usually there is one other person we hire to run another camera, but that person often changes.


the cast of characters from my videos|sophie-world.com
(Top to bottom) Connor, Hanna, Mikayla, and Eric

We also invite talent in for our film shoots, like Connor, who appears in a bunch of the videos, Mikayla, Hanna, and my nephew Eric. They are all kids that I've known for years (some since since they were 4 or 5), done parties for, and know their families well. I’ve also had friends like my buddy Jake, who’s a science teacher from Seattle, pop in from time to time.


my teacher friend Jake|sophie-world.com

It’s funny looking back now, because at this point in time I couldn’t ever imagine doing what I do without the amazing folks I have around me. I am truly one of those lucky people who works with funny, talented, hard working individuals who make every day a pleasure!