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26 Jun 2012
Where do you get your magnets?
Ask Sophie|sophie-world.com

When my sister Freda and I discovered the “Snap Cap” phenomena, we decided that it would be a really fun craft to offer to our tween clients. In researching how to make this craft, we discovered that magnets were the key to success. Snap Caps never took off the way we thought they would, but we found uses for them in other projects -- like our duct tape purses!

We usually buy our magnets in bulk so that we can get them cheaper, but we are now shying away from buying magnets since the cost has more than tripled since we started buying them three years ago.

Still, when buying magnets for things like jewelry, purses, and other accessories, you’re going to want very strong, very thin magnets. Ceramic magnets are big and clunky, and magnetic stickers and sheets (like the ones you get at Staples for business cards) are too weak. What you really want is a neodymium (or “rare earth”) magnet. They are thin, small, and super-strong!

Here are my resources for neodymium magnets...


rare earth magnets|sophie-world.com

1. Magnets for Less - an online company that sells all types of magnets. These disc magnets are very, very small, but good for little projects. These magnets are the ones we use for our duct tape projects, as well as our Snap Caps.


disc magnets|sophie-world.com

2. Buy Magnets - this online store carries magnets with adhesive backs, which are very helpful.

3. K&J Magnets - another great site, because it shows you the comparative sizes of the magnets, which is very helpful.

4. Apex Magnets - sells in packs, so they are great for buying in bulk.

The most important thing about magnets is to get the right size. You don’t want them too small, because although they will be strong enough to keep things closed, they won’t have a very large coverage area. I like my magnets to be at least 7/16” in diameter (although depending on the project, I like to go bigger, up to ¾” to 1” in diameter). I also prefer magnets 1/32” to 1/16” thick. The thinner ones look better, but the thicker ones have better pull.