Wheat Belly: The Verdict

After three months of trying a grain free diet and lifestyle Sophie offers her verdict.

Okay - we can't say that I didn't give this diet the "college try".  I put my heart into making this thing work  but after 3 months of a grain free diet, heavy in meat, dairy, fat and nightshade vegetables I can honestly say that this lifestyle isn't for me.  

Here is why:

 #1.  Thie diet negatively affected my productivity. I am one of those folks with boundless energy.  After starting this diet I found I was dead on my feet by 8:00 PM.  I had to literally drag myself out of bed at 7:30 each morning.  I need my early morning hours to complete work before I get into the office.

 #2.  I gained weight!  This was terribly disconcerting when you consider that I have cut out all junk food, processed foods, and processed sugars.  You would think weight would be rolling off me like water of a duck's back, but it seemed to have the opposite effect.  After the initial slimming of the detox, I found I was hungry all the time and consequently overindulging in things like nuts and cheese.  Not good.

 #3.  My memory suffered.  I can't completely blame this on the diet. I've noticed my memory slipping for the past year or so. While on the diet I found that I was easily distracted and it took me longer to get back on track mentally.

 #4.  My patience level dropped significantly.  I am usually one of those folks who has eternal patience with my clients and vendors.  I found myself irritable and on edge all the time.  Little things would send me into a tailspin. I felt threatened by folks who were just trying to help me.  

 #5.  My desire to do things went out the window.  I usually have a hundred projects that I'm excitedly delving into at any moment. These past 3 months I've felt no spark, no excitement, no intrigue.  I've procrastinated more in the past 3 months that I think I ever did in High School and College combined. 

It became apparent that this diet was not helping, but hurting me. So I've stopped.  I'm still not eating grain, but I've cut down on all the cheese, nightshades, meat and fat.

My niece suggested I try an elimination diet aimed at figuring out what foods trigger reactions in your body.  I've decided to give that a try. I will chronicle that attempt in an upcoming blog.  

Now, for all of the negatives, I do want to stress some positives. 

#1.  I am totally and completely off all processed foods.  I don't need it, I don't miss it, and best of all, I don't crave it.

#2.  I make most of my own meals.  I was never a cook, but I'm actually enjoying the process of hunting up new recipes and trying new cooking techniques.  Some of the times I do it with my husband Scott, which is a great way to spend time together.

#3.  I am more aware of what I put into my body.  I read labels now and pay attention to those hidden ingredients and additives.

Once again, I think I have to stress that bodies are so different.  There is no one diet that is going to work for everyone.  As I delve into yet another pseudo-science based regime I hope I can keep my head and wits about me.  I know my poor husband Scott just rolls his eyes. For me, the notion of finding a way to manage my knee pain without surgery would be a huge accomplishment. So I'm willing to try almost anything within reason.  

We'll see.  My Amazon cart is full of the next round of books - tune in next time to see what, if anything, they reveal.