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There are lots of exciting things going on at Sophie's World lately. Last month,, where I am a Certified Teacher, asked if I’d be interested in hosting an hour long crafting event. For those of you who don't know, is a website that curates learning videos in a multitude of categories and houses them all under one digital roof. You, the viewer, can experience a wealth of knowledge with a single click. The event they were asking me about was a live, streaming DIY.

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Needless to say, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge, and although the notion of having to talk and create continually for an hour made me nervous, I also saw it as a great opportunity to learn.

And so it was that on September 9, Scott and I loaded up my little car “Bitty” with back-to-school crafts and made our way down to Curious headquarters for a test shoot in their studio. Their studio is amazing.  It’s got 3 cameras and a professional control room.  It reminded me of how they do newscasts or sports broadcasts. There is an operator in a booth switching live from one camera to the next seamlessly while I worked.  Granted, duct tape folders are not as exciting as breaking news, but working with multiple cameras and being aware of the close up, overhead, and a wide shot is something I’ve been dying to learn.

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Backstage at the studio

The biggest thing I learned is that an hour goes by quickly, and a minute can be an eternity!

When I was on, teaching and answering questions, everything went seamlessly. One thing flowed into the next. It was really just like teaching at one of my library sessions, or running a party. The hard part came when the monitor flashed  “1 minute”. My instructions were that when I saw the “1 minute” sign I was to wrap things up, and basically say goodbye. However, it’s really hard to know how long a minute is when you don’t have a clock in front of you. So I basically wrapped up in about 30 seconds, and had this very awkward 30 seconds of vamping where I was watching desperately for the “off the air” sign. I remember saying - “And...and...and (about 12 times) I’ll see you next time”. It was pretty funny. Definitely, a good learning experience.

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So much fun on set!

So now, the really exciting news is that I get to do this once a month!  I have to admit, I’m pretty stoked.  The best part about it is that viewers can ask any and all questions they have about crafting, supplies, ideas, recommendations....anything, I love the spontaneity of it all.  I like the “anything can happen and usually does”, quality of live video.  I like the thrill that comes with performing without a net.  When we were doing our first session I had a bunch of crafts as set dressing, and in the middle of the session one of the items fell down. I immediately deemed it the “curious” ghost.  We’ll see if he shows up in further episodes.

I hope you’ll come check out my next live streaming event on The event is scheduled for October 7th, from 5:00 to 6:00 Pacific Time. The theme will be Halloween Decorations and Crafts.  You can reserve your spot by clicking on this link.

Perfect time for the curious ghost to make another appearance!

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Streaming LIVE, October 7th 5pm PST/8pm EST