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15 Apr 2019
Tiny Pasta Cacti | You Made It! I Love It!

It's no secret to anyone who knows me, but I am obsessed with all things tiny.  I love making dollhouses and miniature worlds whenever I can with my library classes.  If a client asks for a teeny tiny party I literally do the happy dance while planning their event.  So when I saw this post from Handmade Charlotte, I had to share. 

I've featured Rachel Faucet's site before.  She's the mastermind behind the mini ice cream charms, flashlight constellations, mini flying saucers, and Twizzler cake toppers.  I guess it's pretty safe to call me a fan of Rachel's work and site.  In fact, you must pop over to check out the adorable Pool Party Eggs for Easter.  Handmade Charlotte is a repository for some amazing posts.  

What makes these little cacti so darn cute is that they are made from pasta.  I've always been one of those folks who loves finding artistic uses for commonplace and household items, so seeing Rachel uses Elbow macaroni and ziti to make a thimble-sized succulent was a treat.  I could imagine this would be a fun craft for older kids, say 8 and up.  Just give them a variety of pastas, a few flower catalogs for inspiration, some uni posca pens, bottle caps, and a hot glue gun and let them go to town.  I'm envisioning a tiny dessert roadside stand.

So whether you hop on over to check our Handmade Charlotte's Easter offerings or are in the mood for something wee and small, I hope you'll give Rachel's site a try.  Who knows, you, like me, might become a lifelong fan as well.