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Three Simple Turkey Crafts for Thanksgiving

Three adorable turkey crafts.

Though this blog’s title implies otherwise, I am not going to share my grandmother’s mouth-watering recipes for Thanksgiving dinner! I’ve already told you, I’m a lousy cook! But, what I might lack in skill with a mixer and over, I make up for with my glue gun and hole punch prowess. So instead of recipes, I’m bringing you three ways to prepare turkey... crafts!


Use lollipops to create a sweet turkey at sophie-world.com




Learn to make a sweet turkey at sophie-world.com

How to
This turkey makes a whimsical accent for any dessert table! Using a leftover Halloween pumpkin (I was lucky enough to find one with a long stem to make the neck of my turkey, but any pumpkin will do), here’s how I put it together...

1. I used a golf tee and rubber mallet to make pilot holes in the backside of the pumpkin. I filled these holes with standard, flat, round lollipops. The lollipops represent the turkey’s feathers, but feel free to use anything else that suits your fancy. You could even take soft chocolate candies (such as Milky Ways, Snickers, or Three Musketeers), insert a 6-inch skewer into one end of the bar, and use those for feathers.

Some lollipops have plastic sticks which work great for this craft, but if you only have paper sticks on your pops, and you do not intend to share your sweet turkey within 24 hours, the stem of your lollipop can get a bit soft to the touch. To eliminate that problem, simply take a plastic shopping bag, cut small rectangles of plastic from it and fold the lollipop stick between the two layers, then push the stick into the hole you made with your golf tee. This will keep your stick dry for a week or more.

2. For the head of the turkey, I used 3 puff balls glued to the top of the stem: one for the top of the head, and two on either side to make the cheeks. I used a bumpy pipe cleaner for the beak and gobbler (cut construction paper, felt, or foam would work just as well) and topped the whole face off with some cute googly eyes.

3. If you don’t have a great stem on your pumpkin, just use your golf tee or a popsicle stick. Insert it halfway into the front portion of your turkey, and build the head as above.

You don’t have to use sweets if you don’t want to... Use real quill feathers or construction paper mounted on skewers if you prefer. We even have a project that is similar to this called “Thankful Turkeys” where everyone writes what they are thankful for on a paper feather and inserts it into the pumpkin base.


A simple paper plate becomes and adorable turkey|sophie-world.com




Here is how to make a paper plate turkey from sophie-world.com

How to
1. For the body of my turkey, I used glue dots to secure a doll pin/clothespin in the center of the plate. I glued googly eyes onto the top of my doll pin, then cut a gobbler and beak from construction paper. You could also use a bumpy pipe cleaner cut in half for the beak, and a full bump of a bumpy pipe cleaner folded in half for the gobbler. You don’t need all of these items though; you can simply draw your turkey face or make it out of construction paper. You could even use a puffball for a head -- it’s all up to you!

2. For the legs, I simply clipped on two spring clipped clothespins. You can then color them with markers and add construction paper feet to them. If you don’t have clothespins, don’t fret! Just make your legs out of construction paper, Q-tips, or popsicle sticks. Use your imagination!

3. Take your paper plate and punch two rows of holes around the edge. Make sure the holes line up, one on top of the other, with a little space in between. You will be using this to hold your feathers in place without glue. It’s up to you how many holes you make: the more holes, the more feathers you’ll use.

4. Take a feather and slip the quill part into the first top hole and out the bottom hole. I like to do it so my quills end up on the front of the plate, but you can also do it the other way if you like. Just flip the plate over to start your weaving of the feathers. Keep adding feathers until all your holes are filled. Depending on the size of your duck quills, you may want to add two per hole for a really “full” look.


Make simple turkeys from pine cones|sophie-world.com




Here is how to make a pine cone turkey|sophie-world.com

1. Lay the pinecone on its side and let it find its natural resting place. Glue a bottle cap on that side as a base so that the pinecone doesn’t wobble around. If you have play dough, a small ball of it inserted into the cap and then pressed into the pinecone also works well for making a stand.

2. Squirt a little white glue in between the layers of pine cone and carefully insert fluffy feathers to make your tail. Depending on the feathers and pine cone’s shape, you may not need any glue at all to hold them in place.

3. Glue a puff ball to the front point of the pine cone. Add eyes, gobbler, and beak as mentioned in all the above crafts.

Make a whole bunch of these little guys adorn the table, or use them as table place cards for your next get together.

These turkeys may not taste very good, but they are tons of fun to make, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the roasting pan afterward!

Happy Gobble Day!