Take Your Child to Work Week 2018

What began as an empowering day has become a busy week in Sophie's World.

In the US, the last Thursday in April is Take Your Child to Work Day.  For all of us at Sophie's World this has become Take Your Child to Work Week. 


If you are unfamiliar with this concept, the idea is that once a year kids are invited to join their parents at their places of work.  The hope is that children will garner a better understanding of what it is their parents do.  Given that it's a full day, and parents do have work to get done, many of the corporations that host these events need a bit of help entertaining the kids.  That's where we come in.  I thought it would be fun to share with you a slice of what we did last week.

Tuesday, 6:30 AM found us pushing hundreds of pounds of orbeez across GARField park on the Google campus.  Google has so many employees with so many kids that they actually divide their TYCTWD into 3 sessions over 2 consecutive days.  Over the course of our stay we made over 2000 orbeez stress balls and about 1500 shrinky dinks.

The shrinky dinks were cute.  We used the printable shrinky dink paper to make the Google Android and provided traceable clothing sheets so the kids could dress their droids.  When we wheeled out of there on Wednesday afternoon our boxes were considerably lighter but our spirits were soaring.  To work with that many children in the course of two days was exhilarating.

Thursday, found us at 3 different locations.  

Early morning found us at Intuitive Surgical, making robots.  We provided premade wheel bodies for the kids and then let them go to town designing their own creations using recycled materials.

Mid afternoon found us at eBay making Art Bots and Painted Rocks.  My favorite part of this day was when two of the little girls decided we needed to show off our Art Bots by creating a mini disco complete with construction paper dance floor, tulle curtains, and a sparkling disco ball.

Early evening found us hanging out at Slack where we made Pool Noodle Ponies and Bath Bombs.  Slack is a great company where the adults get into crafting as much as the kids.


Friday was a recovery day, which we desperately needed so we could be ready for the weekend's worth of parties!  

I think this concept of bringing your child to work is an interesting one.  I'm not sure how many companies participate, but the idea that a child can spend at least a couple hours shadowing their parent through their daily activities is pretty cool.  Not only does it offer the opportunity to inspire a child to follow in their parent's footsteps, but it allows them to see where their parents spend a good portion of each day and just how hard they work. Hopefully, it gives them a sense of respect for what their parent's do day in and day out to make their lives easier.  Hopefully, it empowers these young boys and girls to aspire to do the same, or more. 

I also think it might be fun for the parents.  I mean, what's cuter than a little curly headed 6 year old in an oversized lab coat...