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14 May 2018
Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Last year I introduced you all to the concept of "cooking" for wild animals.  It was a close-up experience with animals that I will never forget.

This year we were once again invited to participate in a major fundraiser for Conservation Ambassadors.  It's one of those events that my employees love.  Not only are they able to touch and mingle with exotic animals, but they get to spend the day at the amazing Tah.Mah.Lah

As always, the Holland-Yates family graciously opened their home to host the event.  It was a beautiful day, sunny but not too hot, so the animals were all pretty darn happy.  The otters were frolicking, naughty as ever, looking for ways to break out of their enclosure.

The raccoons and hedgehogs were painting and taking baths.

 The tiger was chillin' in his cage eyeing the paella.

To make things different from last year the animals were broken into categories as opposed to their locations.  Freda painted beautiful signs representing each area:

Under the Canopy

which sported lemurs, monkeys, and a variety of birds.

It's not every day you get to have a baboon in a diaper sit on your lap.

Wild America 

Where a grey fox

and baby opossum looked on longingly

as Freda's favorite animal, the ever munching North American Porcupine, proceeded to chew his way through a yam, an apple, and half a watermelon.  


where we learned that scorpions fluoresce in blacklight


Where an extremely proud Bald Eagle-eyed my crew

as they held baby alligators in their hands,

 ignoring the cautionary tale presented by a Ken doll perched in their tank.

Desert Magic

Where three camels, a mama and two babies, commanded attention.  Being that they were situated on the top of a hill, they literally lorded over the proceedings.

Amazing Animal Adaptations

Where I hung out with an enormous pixie bullfrog making slime.  If you are wondering what the connection between slime and frogs might be, it's the little-known fact that certain frogs can survive extreme heat by burrowing underground and hibernating in a snot bubble.

Once again the Conservation Ambassadors are saving animals from certain death while educating children and adults about this incredible wildlife.  If you want to know more about the organization, book them to come to your event, or better yet, donate to their fund, make sure you click on this link.

Tell them the tiger sent you!