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16 Apr 2015
Party Time- My Favorite Decor Items|sophie-world.com

About 10 years ago, during preparations for a fairy party, I asked my assistants Steve and Freda to create some large decor elements for the event.   My goal was to transport our guests to a magical forest.  The challenge was we only had 1 hour to transform a rather shabby rental space into an imaginary fairy grotto, complete with a dining area, crafting stations, and food tables.  Basically, I needed to make a big impact, quickly with as few easy pieces as possible.

29 May 2014
You're Invited ... Hop in|Pool Party Safety Tips|sophie-world.com

When I was a kid in Pennsylvania, there was nothing better than being invited to a pool party. I loved swimming, but rarely got the chance to do so.  When the opportunity came along to don a bathing suit and goggles, I, like virtually every child I have ever known, was all in.

As an adult and an kid's event planner, pool parties took on a different significance, one guided by one simple fact: Pools can be dangerous, especially for large parties and young children.  

For this reason, I thought I’d offer up a few tips for maintaining pool safety this summer.

Weddings| It's not all about the bride|sophie-world.com

How many times have you heard the expression “weddings are all about the bride”?  Welllllll….I’m here to tell you that two of the best weddings I’ve ever been a part of were primarily about the bride, but also had a clear and intentional nod to the groom!  Which is what made both events absolute blasts to plan and attend!

Boredom Busters Games|sophie-world.com

Every now and then I find myself on a party bus with a large group of kids for a significant amount of time.  Being the planner that I am, I want every moment of the event to be filled with fun and entertainment, which is why I came up with these "boredom buster" packs. 

Blog-Fun Candlelighting|sophie-world.com

Most religions have a tradition that features the lighting of candles.  Kwanza, Hanukkah and Christmas, to name a few, all have some sort of candle lighting ritual.  I do love candles, in fact one of my favorite traditions that my husband and I share is on Christmas eve.  At the end of the church service candles are handed out, the lights in the sanctuary are dimmed, and the choir sings Silent Night while each person shares the light of Christmas with a candle.