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Social Media_part 3|sophie-world.com

The strangest thing happened the other day.  A client of mine contacted me and said, “my daughter wants to do a Hunger Games party.  I found this great blog that tells you exactly how to do it”.  I always want to make my client’s happy, so I immediately went and checked out the blog. The pictures were great. The kids looked like they were having an amazing time. Here’s the irony: the party described in this blog was based on my very own Hunger Game party plan that I had published 3 months earlier.

29 Jan 2015
sweet 60 party|sophie-world.com

I’m a kids party planner.  I’ve never been interested in throwing “adult” events.  It’s just not my thing.  However, the longer I am in this business the more often my adult clients request their very own grown-up, “Sophie Party”.  Now, what that means is they embrace the notion that their party is going to be silly.  No stuffy, black tie affairs.  Unless of course the ties light up.

Transform a room with fabric|sophie-world.com

What to do when you have limited space in your home, a limited budget and a party to plan? Transform an unused space with fabric!   Garages are the unsung heroes of what would otherwise be a rained out party.  By using fabric to cover all the nooks and crannies, you can instantly turn your basic storage space into a party palace. 

Party-Halloween 2014|sophie-world.com

Despite Halloween being over, I thought it might be fun to share some photos from our last big Halloween party, which was held on Halloween night. You may recall I blogged about these amazing, thematic Halloween parties which we have created throughout the years. After 7 years of amazing events my client and I decided this was to be our grand finale.

Together, we pulled out all of the stops to make this a Halloween to remember.

Creative Team Building-Sophie-Style|sophie-world.com

Last Spring I was approached by a tech firm that wanted to host an "artistic" team building event.  The client wanted the workshop to include both individual and group activities.  The final product was to be a single piece of art. The uniqueness of the request and the fact that we were to be working with adults meant my entire creative team had to work double-time to figure this out.