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01 Oct 2018

Every year I have the great pleasure of putting together a company picnic for one of my beloved and most loyal clients.  The event is very homespun. The staff does all the cooking. We handle all the decor and entertainment elements.  There are always crafts, games, group kid challenges, and some sort of either trivia or raffle to give away the centerpieces. 

I realize it’s almost Thanksgiving...and I really should be focusing on all things that gobble and get gobbled up...but I just couldn’t wait until next October to share my most recent zombie decorations.  

Hey everyone, I'm going to admit to you, one and all, that I've had a pretty crazy week.  I planned my last official Bar Mitzvah this weekend.  It was a wonderful affair, for a beloved client but the time and energy exerted during this last week reminded me why I had given them up.  As people often say in a break up - "It's not you...it's me". Well it's true, I put so much of myself into these things that I don't have time for anything else.

Recently, I helped plan the annual summer picnic for one of my long-time, beloved, corporate clients.  I’ve been doing their events for over 12 years. Every year we try to come up with some new and exciting challenges for the kids.  This is the group that did the donut olympics a few years back.  They simply revel in seeing their kids placed in compromising, often messy, situations.

This year was no exception.  

04 Sep 2017

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have lunch with a Lemur?   

How about snacks with a Slow Loris?