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Hidden Compartment Mason Jar Funny Bunnies|sophie-world.com

My sister Freda recently got married and in doing so inherited two adorable “nieces”.  They are actually first cousins once removed, or one of those family tree branches that no one can really remember, but they are so close it’s just easier to just call them “nieces”.  No matter the relation, Freda adores these two young girls and relishes the opportunity to play “Aunty” in fun ways.  She is always coming up with small creative gifts to send them during holidays and for special occasions.

Pinterest Saves the Day- Quick Project Ideas at your fingertips!|sophie-world.com

I love Pinterest!  I love the kid’s artwork, the high-end crafts, the beautiful homes and amazing imagery!  I get so incredibly inspired by the creative ideas that people pin. It’s basically a virtual version of the overly large bulletin board behind my desk at work!  Pinterest is a digital manifestation of the way I think and create...it’s visual, it’s invigorating, it gets my creative juices flowing.  Sometimes it also saves my butt!  

Punny valentines for you to chew on via sophie's world

When you’ve got kids in school, Valentine’s Day can be a little daunting!  Sure, you can find those little boxes of punch out cards, but if you’re the creative type that often leaves you feeling like you cheated.  

30 Jan 2014
My Punny Valentine -Sophie|sophie-world.com

My maternal grandfather, Pop Yocom, was a wordsmith!  He was always making up silly songs and rhymes and he was never without a good pun!  That’s why, to this day, I enjoy clever dialogue, and making up my own rhymes.  For some reason, Valentine’s Day just lends itself to good puns.  It’s fun mixing hearts, pictures, and puns.  So why not gather some good friends and family, your favorite crafting supplies (construction paper, heart stickers, doilies, glue, glitter, candy, magazines, & markers) and get those creative juices rolling.