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Every holiday season my sister makes gift baskets.  It is one of the sweetest things she, or anyone, can do.  Although to her it's no big deal, the thought that goes into the items she chooses and the way they are arranged makes for a beautiful and heartwarming gift. I know for a fact that the recipients, which include not only friends and family, but all those who have been generous and kind throughout the year (the garbage man, our auto repair man, the mailman) feel very special receiving these handmade gifts.  

Experiential Christmas Experience|sophie & freda|sophie-world.com


A funny thing happens when you hit your mid-thirties.  

As promised, here it is! Our second Holiday Giveaway!  You can enter now to win one of our three great prizes.

Just like last time, the winners will be chosen at random and receive one of three great prizes:

A Signed Copy of Sticky Fingers: DIY Duct Tape Projects 

$25 worth of lesson credits at curious.com

Sophie's Holiday Calendar|sophie-world.com

The Holidays have officially arrived at Sophie's World.  I and my little "elves" have been extremely busy readying our decor, creating new crafts and baking lots of gingerbread.  Okay, that last part isn't really true.  I'm a terrible baker.   Fortunately we have some amazing bakeries in the Bay Area and they have been busy making all the gingerbread houses and men we might need.

Comic book mod podge coasters at Sophie's World

Father’s Day can be a toughie for crafters.  Sure...he’s your Dad, and anything you make he will love, but what can make Dad that he will actually use?