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Pinterest Saves the Day- Quick Project Ideas at your fingertips!|sophie-world.com

I love Pinterest!  I love the kid’s artwork, the high-end crafts, the beautiful homes and amazing imagery!  I get so incredibly inspired by the creative ideas that people pin. It’s basically a virtual version of the overly large bulletin board behind my desk at work!  Pinterest is a digital manifestation of the way I think and create...it’s visual, it’s invigorating, it gets my creative juices flowing.  Sometimes it also saves my butt!  

30 Jan 2014
My Punny Valentine -Sophie|sophie-world.com

My maternal grandfather, Pop Yocom, was a wordsmith!  He was always making up silly songs and rhymes and he was never without a good pun!  That’s why, to this day, I enjoy clever dialogue, and making up my own rhymes.  For some reason, Valentine’s Day just lends itself to good puns.  It’s fun mixing hearts, pictures, and puns.  So why not gather some good friends and family, your favorite crafting supplies (construction paper, heart stickers, doilies, glue, glitter, candy, magazines, & markers) and get those creative juices rolling.

A round up of Valentine's day ideas from Sophie's World

Last year I took all of my Valentine's day ideas and laid them out in one blog - this year I thought I'd repeat the process - but include all the amazing ideas I've been seeing on the web.  Once again, the creative ingenuity that's out there simply blows me away, which is why my Pinterest board is literally exploding with ideas!  Hope you have a creatively sweet Valentine's day! 
Duct Tape Christmas Tree Final|sophie-world.com

My sister Freda is one of the most creative people I know.  She regularly takes the smallest suggestion and turns it into a full blown work of art!  Take for example, her vision of this duct tape Christmas tree!  The original inspiration for this came from a tiny duct tape tree that I made on my YouTube channel.  As you will see, she has taken it so many levels beyond my simple design.

Now...I must warn you, although this is presented as a DIY it is extremely time consuming and costly - I look at this more as an “oooh, ahhh” craft, one of those you enjoy but don’t necessarily attempt to make.

Sophie and her amazing duct tape christmas wreath

I am truly thankful to have the job I have.  Almost every one of my days in December will be filled with dozens upon dozens of smiling faces, laughing and crafting in their holiday finest.   There is nothing I enjoy more.

With this in mind I bring you some of my favorite winter crafts from my site.