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KidsFun101's homemade marshmallow roasting stick via sophie's world

I am a huge fan of the marshmallow!  I love playing games with them, making edible art with them, and of course roasting them.  There are still a few weeks of Summer left, which is plenty of time to find yourself a campfire and cook up a bunch of ooey-gooey-toasty goodness!

An adorable 3 ring binder dollhouse from Southern Disposition vis sophie's world

When I was a kid I used to take my parent's record album covers (the ones that opened like a book) and use them to create rooms for my dolls.  I used to play for hours, constructing and reconstructing labyrinth-like apartment complexes, complete with tissue box beds, and matchbox chests of drawers.  When I saw this adorable collapsible dollhouse from Kendra at Southern Disposition I was immediately transported back in time!  

How to make ice chalk - A Sophie's World Pick

When I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania my family's house backed up onto a huge, smooth, macadam parking lot.  It made for the most enormous chalk canvas in the world, except during the summer when it was blistering hot!  If only I'd known about Ice chalk I could have continued my artistic endeavors well into August!  Lorie at Reading Confetti channeled her inner child and whipped up a batch of ice chalk for some messy, melty fun.

Make a marble race ttack with foam swim noodles via Sophie-World.com

Ready, Set, Go!

I love pool noodles!  What I love about them is that they offer so much more to the user than just a way to paddle around the pool.

That's why this week I'm sharing this ingenious marble racetrack made with pool noodles from Amy at the blog Serving Pink Lemonade.

How to make a water wall - A Sophie's World Pick

For a splish-splashing, drip-dropping good time you have to check out the wacky water wall craft at the Let the Children Play blog.

With the simplest of materials -- a piece of wood, recycled containers of all shapes and sizes, and water -- you can create an interactive experience that will entertain your kids for hours. Plus, it will cool off the little ones on the stickiest of summer days.